BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE inspires China toward the 17 SDG Global Goals


is the year the BLOCKCHAIN is recognized as ONE of the solutions to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

One of the first proponents to explain the relationship between the Blockchain and the United Nations Global Goals is – BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE – who encourages us to “WAKE UP” – “HEADS UP” and “CHANGE WEDNESDAY”.


These are the first steps toward accomplishing the Global Goals in time for the 2030 deadline. BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE believes because we are a fundamental “PART OF the PROBLEM” we need to work on “fixing ourselves”  and at the same time, advance quickly on addressing the 17 goals that we can personally influence.


The World Sustainability Project, Metaverse and the MCMASTER Institute in collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship and Governance, Republic Of Conscience and the Seratio Blockchain will be presenting the Caring Currency “SDGtoken” at the UNITED NATIONS as the first BLOCKCHAIN-BASED cryptocurrency specifically devoted to solving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE encourages you to be Part Of the Solution and subscribe to the Republic Of Conscience at  as one of the ALLIES, BUDDIES and COLLABORATORS in the Global War On Pollution and Solving the 17Plus.ONE Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations.



SustainaClaus helps us achieve Global Goals

WORLD SUSTAINABILITY NEWS UPDATE: SustainaClaus is on our side_\!/

sustainaclaus_low-carbon-panda_-sustangelHoliday Season interview by Feiy Social Networking describing the philosophy of SustainaClaus and the support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)


URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED – SustainaClaus’s home is melting!!!


SustainaClaus wishes you live a Happy, Healthy and Sustainable 2017 – SMILE, CHANGE and UNPLUG every CHANGE WEDNESDAY, and live a lifestyle – SOLVING THE 17plusONE Sustainable Development Goals step-by-step _\!/

See the full article at:

and more information at and the Republic Of Conscience

COP22 Success

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, The World Sustainability Organization  received world-wide exposure for the World Sustainability Project’s “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” … an initiative to literally Change Wednesday, and for that middle-day to be regarded as the one day every week when we focus on personal and community issues of SUSTAINABILITY. Individually, as a family, as a neighborhood and as a community.


climate3 climate7 climate8

The long-running CHANGE WEDNESDAY project supports of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – “the SDG’s” – and adds “ONE” to the slogan, resulting in …. prompting the question:

“How are the 17 high level goals going to be achieved?”

and our answer:

“the achievement of the goals depends on us, as individuals, taking “ISR” (Individual Social Responsibility) for our actions and, at minimum, following the “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” guidelines of SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG.”

through personal change we not only change the world around us, but we harmonize with others and prepare our communities for the inevitable change descending upon us.


At COP22 we introduced the “SDG token” – a BLOCKCHAIN-BASED “Proof Of Personal Value” project to REWARD people for investing in themselves every WEDNESDAY, and providing a “gamified” point-collecting way for people to not only build their social reputation and credit, but also creating the opportunity to invest in others and their SOCIAL ENTERPRISE IDEAS to achieve the all important 17 Global Goals.












   marrakechblocktrain_fantasia logo_0Get On the BLOCKCHAIN to MARRAKECH_\!/

img_92571 speaking_philipmcmaster_tedx_02112-1 doc_img_5462 nanshandeclaration_4583

Be Part Of the Solution and Support the Republic Of Conscience at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakesh Morocco.

The BLOCKCHAIN COLLABORATORS are supporting and sponsoring Philip McMaster, the 3rd Sector BLOCKCHAIN Ambassador to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to share the great initiative of the Republic Of Conscience and BLOCKCHAIN community. (You Can Too_\!/)

Be invited…this video is only 2 minutes long..


CHANGE WEDNESDAY is the Global Campaign to officially “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” to the day every week when we live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (, making positive, sustainable, personal change our priority. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/

(BELOW) VIDEO Presentation in Beijing about the BLOCKCHAIN, 3rd Sector and FINANCIAL INCLUSION

Part 2 –


On CHANGE WEDNESDAY November 16th 2016, the Republic Of Conscience will make its presentation and hold information sessions to “officially” launch the SDG Token and explain the 17plusONE Game in the U.N.’s Civil Society Green Zone in Marrakech, Morocco (AFRICA).


img_8880 img_8883



It is ALL a GAME

It’s all a GAME: START IN AUGUST 2016

Human behaviour on this planet – Bad behaviour is not playing the game nicely, with BAD results.

Large corporations and governments – are not playing fairly and with responsibility in the commons.

Money and the financial trade system – are playing with the future of your children for short-term profit. Everyone Loses.

The World Sustainability Organization and the World Sustainability Project are allied with the Republic Of Conscience and the McMaster Institute to help people WAKE UP and begin contributing to their own COMMUNITY and the World COMMUNITY in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


How the BLOCKCHAIN Saved the World

doc_ValidationFarmsThe World Sustainability Organization and Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project are at the forefront of the new “Sustainable World Order”…  so many great developments in the past few months since our amazing successes in Paris..


IMG_7845 IMG_7842




Philip McMaster (DaLong) made presentations around China this spring about the long-standing relationship between the World Sustainability Project and what many are just hearing about – the BLOCKCHAIN_\!/


At the end of May, the biggest crowdfund in history closed on a BLOCKCHAIN platform called “Etherium” for a project called the DAO – “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” – Philip McMaster (DaLong) of The World Sustainability Project is friends with many of the people involved in the BLOCKCHAIN and Etherium over the years, and participated in funding what is called “The DAO”.

The Sustainability DAO

Wednesday_SustainabilityDAONow you have a chance to support the many years of volunteer work by people involved in the World Sustainability Project by supporting the Sustainability DAO – but the Sustainability DAO or LOHHAS DAO is different

Our “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” is exclusively for funding and supporting what is often referred to as the “3rd Sectornot government sector, not private sector but the typically underfunded and even ignored but critical – not-for-profit, social enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), charities and volunteer organizations.



Certificate No. #: BITM20160721137

UN COP21- Silk Road to Paris

The co-Founder of the Peace Plus OneWorld Sustainability Project is in Paris for the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference… and embodying one of the 3 “Spirits of Sustainability” “SustainaClaus” …Philip McMaster has celebrated the last two “3 Finger Wednesdays” in Paris, France.

SELFIE3 in Paree (Paris)

In the first inter-Wednesday week in Paris – (from Wednesday, November 25th to Wednesday December 2nd) was filled with Media Interviews, Informal talks and SELFIE3‘s with international leaders and climate change celebrities from around the world sharing the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol, each one understanding and signifying that “I’m Part Of the Solution” (POS) and I’m aware that we need to balance SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT and ECONOMY in our lifestyles.

(Search #Selfie3, #Selfie3PARIS, #SustainaClaus and #3FingerW to find more images of the “Peace Plus One” World Sustainability Symbol.)


United Nations Envoy for Youth Ahmad Alhendawi  French Youth Minister Patrick Kenner



Dr. James Hanson

“Father Of Climate Change meets SustainaClaus” – Climate Celebrity Dr. James Hanson

selfie3_IMG_2041 Selfie3_IMG_2770docSustainaClaus_IMG_2771   docSustainaClausIMG_2772



Climate Pilgrims

French Environment Minister

doc_P1030591 doc_P1030592 doc_P1030594


French Minister of Technology (Numerique)



Now outside China, the effort in Paris to introduce and promote the 3 Finger”Selfie3″ has resulted in an increase of “3 Finger Photos” and uploads to Twitter (@Selfie3Paris and #Selfie3 / #Selfie3paris ) to Facebook, flickr and Instagram.





Fifth Green Planet Forum – Shanghai

GPF proposal English version_Page_01 GPF proposal English version_Page_13

tree3PhilipMcMaster  Philip McMaster, (大龙DaLong) MBA, AHSc.  co-founder of the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce, Copy of McMasterInstitutelogo_sm the Peace Plus One –World Sustainability Project , “3 Finger Challenge” and this summer’s ”China Silk RoadMap to PARIS 2015” – is sharing his background and experience to support the Sapphire Environmental Institute forum, developing “3 Way Thinking” training for AIESEC students from Shanghai Universities on May 23rd 2015.

McMaster’s passion is to help young students to put CHINA on the World Map as the fastest growing Ecological Civilization.

Philip has been an MBA teacher, inventor, developer, executive, entrepreneur and founder of many socially-minded organizations in Canada, China and around the world.

DaLong’s passion is sharing the 3 Finger Philosophy and helping people to learn to “Think 3 Ways” – critical, systems and creative thinking about Society, Environment and Economy  and he’s on a TALENT SEARCH looking for musicians, artists and creative models to expand the philosophy

Every Wednesday is a holiday for citizens of the Republic of Conscience, the day when we SMILE, CHANGE and UNPLUG_\!/
To raise money for the World Sustainability Project, Mr. McMaster has acted in many advertisements, TV series, Docudramas and Films, as doctors, scientists and captains -notably as Dr. Norman Bethune and Sigmund Freud. Philip will appear in the June issue of Esquire Magazine in a 10 page photo shoot and the LIVE EARTH concert June 18th. You can search for more at: “3FingerW”

1e_WSO_SS_LOGO - CopySust10_MI_buttons


2015 is, in the eyes of many, the last chance to get our leaders to agree on treating the planet as our only, single, ONE shared home.

China’s Silk RoadMap to PARIS 2015


Participate in the Journey 3 Finger Challenge and Opportunity for Chinese people throughout China as they live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) in their daily lives, especially on 3 Finger Wednesday, when we SMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG_\!/

China’s Silk Road Map to PARIS 2015

( Find out how you can benefit from the Silk RoadMap to PARIS )



Over the next 9 months, The Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project will be encouraging citizens from around the world to UPLOAD their “3 Finger Signature Photo” (a Selfie showing the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol) to their favourite social media or photo management service, adding the simple tag “#3FingerW” … these photos will be searched, found and born into a new light at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, France in December 2015.

WOW_cDoubleHappiness_Jenny_5847 WOW_0512 wl_WOW_8395 SilkRoadtoParisLOHHAS

BECOME Part Of the Solution – Be Part Of the TEAM –

Here are some of the MANY TEAMS waiting for your help_\!/


3FC=3 Finger Challenge 三指挑战

LCP=Low Carbon Panda 低碳熊猫

LCD=Low Carbon Duck 低碳鸭子

LOHHAS=Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability 乐活的生活方式(健康,快乐,和可持续性)

WSP= World Sustainability Project 世界可持续发展项目

PPO-WSP= Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project 和平加一 – 世界可持续发展项目

WSO=World Sustainability Organization 世界可持续发展组织

UN=United Nations 联合国


  1. 和平加一世界可持续发展项目百度 人力资源团队– (PPO-WSP-BAIDU HR Team)


  1. 首席设计团队– (Chief Design Team)


  1. 故事团队– (STORY TEAM)


  1. 出版团队– (Publishing Team)


  1. 商业产品设计和制作团队– (Commercial Merchandise Design and Production Team)


  1. 美术团队– (Fine Art Team)


  1. 联合国联络团队– (UNITED NATIONS Liaison Team)


  1. 名人联络团队 (CELEBRITY Liaison Team)


  1. 活动团队– (Event Team)


  1. LOHHAS选美活动团队– (LOHHAS Beauty Pageant Team)


  1. 朋友大篷车路演团队– (Caravan Of Friends ROAD SHOW Team)


  1. 关爱传送带团队– (Carousel Of Care Team)


  1. 网络团队– (Web Team)


  1. 社交媒体团队– (Social Media Team)


  1. O2O社交活动团队– (O2O Social Activity Team)


  1. 视频团队– (Video Team)


  1. 摄影团队: – (Photo Team)


  1. 学校联络团队– (School Contact Team)


  1. 大学联络团队– (University Contact Team)


  1. 资金筹募团队– (Fundraising Team)


  1. 公关/公民服务团队– (Public Relations / Citizen Service Team)


  1. 商业验证团队– (Commercial Validation Team)